Ram Janmabhoomi trust trust gave a message of brotherhood by inviting people of all religions on the demand of aimf: Asif

IMG_4432The National President of the new delhi all india government friend, s m asif has said that the ram janmabhoomi trust trust on the demand of all india minority friend in the ram janmabhoomi foundation ceremony, has made an example of a brotherhood in the country by inviting the people of all religions. In the country where brotherhood will increase, there will be a feeling of love in the country on the other side.

He has written a letter giving thanks to ram janmabhoomi trust trust. And it is said that you have made a unique example by inviting all the religions to the people of all religions, including Muslims on the demand of all india government. They thank you. He has said that during this time, people of all religions should thank hindu brothers that he is going to do such a holy work.

All India government front National President s m asif has said that Muslims have faith in this pak work. Because Islam also considers the paigambarōṁ and ram was also a prophet. They taught the country and the world to live in dignity. It is a thought that the list of guests who have reached the land worship ceremony in Ayodhya on August have been prepared. It has been invited to many saints in the babri Masjid Demolition Case, along with the senior leaders of BJP, RSS and vishwa Hindu Parishad, associated with the ram temple movement, Baba Ramdev and many saints of the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a stamp to come to this land worship ceremony being organized by Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha area trust.

The Senior Officer of the trust said that he has also sent an invitation to the Muslim leaders, including the president of the Uttar Pradesh Sunni centre waqf board, zafar phārūqī and the chairman of up Shia central waqf board, Chishtian Rizvi.

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