Only jobs to Kashmiri youth can heal wounds: Asif

sm-asif-picNEW DELHI, 05 August, 2020 - A year after the nullification of Articles 370, the All India Minority Front (AIMF) has demanded  better infrastructure and jobs for the youth of Union territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

“Unemployment is a major concern in the Kashmir Valley in the past as one of the reasons for young men taking up arms against the State,” said SM Asif, national president of the AIMF. 

“If the government fulfills its promise, the youth would have jobs. But there is no development and no jobs. Nothing has really changed in the past one year,” Mr Asif said in a statement issued on Wednesday. 

“Things have not been easy but will become more difficult, with outsiders coming in. The youth of Kashmir won’t be able to compete with them,” he explained. 

“Only if the Union territories had jobs for youth and good infrastructure, things would be slightly better,” said Mr Asif. 

Even so, young Kashmiris need to be assured that skill development and employment creation schemes will continue and many more jobs will be generated in which the locals receive preference. This could serve as a balm for young people tormented by uncertainty over their future, Mr Asif suggested.


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