Yogi is anti-minority…and now anti-Brahmin: Asif

sm-asif-picNEW DELHI, 28 August, 2020 – The All India Minority Front (AIMF) alleged that apart from minorities, Brahmins are also becoming victims of “casteist discrimination, political malice and atrocities” in Uttar Pradesh.
In a statement party president SM Asif alleged that leaders belonging to his party complained about Brahmins being targeted and are facing discrimination in the BJP led Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh.

Justifying his allegation, Asif said that about 124 criminals have been eliminated in various police encounters across the state from March 13, 2017 to August 9, 2020. Out of them, 45 belonged to the minority communities, while 11 were Brahmins and eight Yadavs.

“Murder, violence and playing with law and order has become a common sight in the name of saffron appeasement of the BJP government which has also caused fear and terror among the people,” he said.

Mr Asif added, “The government should not do anything that will make the ‘Brahmin Samaj’ feel scared, terrorised and insecure.”

Urging the Brahmins to join AIMF, Mr Asif said, “If we can take care of minorities, we will also take care of our Brahmin brothers and sisters. They don’t have to bow down before the UP Government.”

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