Asif lists priorities: First to save Bihar from communal forces

sm-asif-picNEW DELHI, 09 September, 2020 – The All India Minority Party (AIMF) chief SM Asif on Wednesday listed “saving Bihar from communal forces” as his first priority and ensuring the party’s victory with secular and regional parties to power in the state as the second priority.

In a statement, Mr Asif said that next month assembly elections in the state will be a direct contest between “secular and communal forces” and AIMF will fight “whichever party comes before it” to safeguard secularism.
“Our first priority is to convert the heart of people, who are being misguided by political parties in the name of religion. Our second priority is to bring our government in the state,” said Mr Asif, who approached the Chief Election Commissioner against Nitish Kumar for code violation.

Mr Asif also attacked the JDU on Bihar’s development model, saying that as a result of a distorted concept of development, many sections of the people were left behind and the state has regressed in the last 15 years.

He targeted Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar over his extravagant promise to bring development to the state, create jobs for migrant labourers, free electricity connection during last assembly elections.

“Obviously, none of the extravagant promises could be fulfilled. Hence, the all-round sense of disappointment after 15 years… the sense of disappointment prevails in Bihar which goes to election next month,” the AIMF chief said in the statement.

The AIMF chief said that no government in the state has ever worked to address the issue of unemployment and migration in the last 15 years.

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