Asif questions PM’s new schemes to Bihar

sm-asif-picNEW DELHI, 15 September 2020 - With the date for announcement of assembly election drawing closer, Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are busy men, inaugurating new development schemes, launching completed ones and making on-the-spot visits to review progress of ongoing flagship schemes at great speed.

AIMF leader SM Asif, however, said that Nitish Kumar and Modi seemed to be in an unusual hurry. What happened with the schemes Nitish announced at the last Assembly polls,” he stated.

“If they have really done so much for development, how has so much remained to be done?” Mr  Asif asked.

“Both PM and CM seem to be in a hurry to get their names inscribed on stones when election announcement is round the corner and Bihar is battling the twin scourge of Covid-19 pandemic and the floods,” he remarked.

“Besides, they also want to send the message that they are working for development, as the Nitish model is under question and the people know a lot more with their experience,” he added.

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