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_DSC0137 All religious and linguistic minorities should vote to defeat communal, fundamentalists and divisive forces : Asif

Mr. S M Asif, National President of the All India Minorities Front (AIMF) has appealed to all religious and linguistic minorities  to decide amongst themselves a common consensus candidate across party lines who could defeat communal, fundamentalist and divisive forces in each and every constituency and ensure that each and every vote goes to such a candidate, in the larger interest of the country and the democracy.

The Opporessed and depressed sections should unite in their battle of ballot in the ensuing assembly elections and discuss amongst themselves the winnablity of a progressive and secular candidate, so as to defuse communal divide and disharmony, that is already taking a centre stage in almost all the segments.

Mr. Asif in a multi lingual appeal cautioned that some elements are out to create panic and disharmony and only unity of these classes can be a befitting reply to such elements, by way of defeat. He hoped that people would use their wisdom and elect such candidates who are away from communal, fundamentalist and divisive mindset






Development is the Priority for the NAM Group: Vice President

Press release:The Vice President of India, Shri M. Hamid Ansari has said that development is the key priority for each of the countries in the NAM group, and that accordingly, the theme of peace, sovereignty and solidarity for development had been chosen as the theme for this year’s summit. He was addressing media onboard the Special Aircraft today en-route to Venezuela to participate in the 17th NAM Summit on September 17-18, 2016.


Placing the upcoming NAM Summit within the historical context, the Vice President said that Non-Aligned Summits or the Movement itself were not new to India, having been part of the group since its founding in 1961. Though the concerns of member-states in 1961 were primarily those of securing independence in the context of decolonization, over the years the agenda has partially changed in keeping with the times. One priority that has however remained constant for the NAM grouping and for each and every member country, is that of ensuring development, the Vice President said. Under the theme of peace, sovereignty and solidarity for development, the primary issue is how to devote one’s energies for development. For this peace is an essential requirement, as well as the solidarity amongst nations with converging objectives, he added.


Responding to a question on whether there had been a change in India’s foreign policy, the Vice President said our foreign policy, like domestic policies, is intended to achieve a set of objectives and to determine the best methodology for doing so. Methodologies may be adjusted or may undergo a change but the objective – of representing India’s interests – do not change, he added.


Responding to a question on terrorism, the Vice President said that NAM is an important forum, and that India would certainly raise the issue, as it has been raising in other fora. He further said that terror is something which impedes everything. Our objective is development and for that we need peace, both at the domestic and international level. These things are being interrupted by terrorism and therefore has to be addressed, he added.









All India Minorties Front welcomes Nawaz Sharief’s participation in Narendara Modi’s swearing-in-Cremony

All India Minorities Front has hailed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to extend friendly relations with neighbouring countries particularly his desire to open a new chapter with Pakistan, by inviting its premier Nawaz Sharif to the oath taking ceremony. The AIMF President S M Asif in a statement here hoped the era of new prime minister will usher country into high path of development and justice for all. “We at the AIMF extend full cooperation to Mr. Modi in his endavour to seek peace, progress and justice to all communities and groups,” said Mr. Asif.

In a detailed statement Asif asked Muslims to keep the acrimony generated by the eneral election of behind. It is a fact that a new government under Narendra Modi has taken over. It is time for the Indian Muslims to introspect, resolve politically and don’t fall prey of secular parties, who still are baying the blood of new Prime Minister. For several decades after independence, the community had been made to feel guilty about the partition though it was largely the fallout of the political maladjustments. Now again the community is made to blame for the unprecedented success of Modi. Regrettably the community has always been put through the petty issues of its safety and security and never considered an entity for country’s policy matters.

Asif said during the longest ever televised election campaign, we often came across the unbalanced and extreme views, debates and the deliveries of our political leaders. But now making India a is not possible by undermining the role of minorities and their participation in development process.
Actually BJP wants to practice secularism where a particular community, even if it is too suppressed to be upgraded by the general programs of development, should remain what it is in the name of equal justice to all. The community needs to grow politically as well, making politics the mission to social service. It has to discourse much on the issues of national interest and development. Mainstreaming of the suppressed communities could only be possible by the strong political will of the new government.

We expect from Mr. Modi to promote moral values besides cleaning the society from corruption. We want new government to build an environment of understanding and reconciliation together with giving the space to the electoral ethics in our political process. As the main victim of this degeneration in polity is the Muslims so this foremost national initiative is needed from the most victimized section of the society. Morally healthy society built with the communal harmony will give the added impetus to the much sought after economic growth of our country, which is the mission and target of the new Prime Minister.

While some points in BJP?s election manifesto and statements of its leaders have created apprehensions and doubts about its future course of action, we hope Mr. Modi now in in the larger interest of the country, will follow Raj Dharma and work for justice and equality. He will take effective steps to check poverty, inflation, corruption and immorality. Rather than protecting the interests of imperialist forces and capitalist system, they will work for the interests of the country and its people.

It is feared this will further lessen opportunities for them to protect constitutional rights of Muslims as their representation is less in the 16th Lok Sabha. Therefore, we appeal the new Prime Minister to ensure justice and present and protection of constitutional rights. Further, we appeal to Muslim community, there is no need to fear and feel neglected. It is our humble appeal for the community to participate in the developmental activities shoulder

To ensure victory of Secularism and the defeat of the BJP, AIMF appeals Muslims and secular forces to vote for Congress except in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Bihar.

New Delhi,21 April:An extraordinary meeting of natonal executive of All India Minoriites Front was held in New Delhi, this afternoon under the chair of its President S M Asif. The meeting took note of current situation and division of secular particularly Muslim votes in the ongoing General Election 2014.

BJP is trying to write a new history in independent India. Not only its prospective Prime Minister Modi, is the RSS Pracharak to stand for the post but also because his entire election is powered by the Corporate Sector, propelled by the RSS .

BJP wants to repeat Germany of 1933, in India of 2014, when Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933 through democratic election. The only way to avoid it is by all democratic secular forces voting unitedly and massively to defeat the BJP candidates, out of love for their mother land.

This is the Moment of Truth for all democratic forces to take cognizance of the threat, set aside their political and ideological differences and join hands and stop the march of Hindutva Rath.

To ensure victory of Secularism and the defeat of the BJP, AIMF appeals Muslims and secular forces to vote for Congress except in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Bihar. In these three states, it was decided to support Trinamul Congress led by Mamata Banerjee, AIADMK led by J. Jayalalitha and the Rashtriya Janata Dal led by Laloo Prasad Yadav. It was felt, since Congress is weak in these states, only these regional forces can fight the BJP.

It was also noticed that if the secular and democratic parties can come to an understanding, they shall win against BJP by a high margin, supported by all deprived sections of our country.


Bangalore,11 April:The All India Minorities Front has decided to support the Candidates of Congress and Janata Dal (Secular) in the state of Karnataka so as to prevent division of secular votes. The AIMF shall be supporting the winnable candidates of these parties to prevent rise of communal and fundamentalists elements in the political scenario.

Karnataka has a large number of religious and linguistic minorities who have in recent years been suffering at the hands of such communal and funademntalist elements and their defeat would definitely give an enery and ray of hope to the sections of minorities in the state, announced Mr. S. M. Asif, National President, All India Minorities Front, while addressing a Press Comference in Bangalore today.

Mr. Asif said that in the state of Andhra Pradesh the AIMF is going to contest on almost all the seats so as to have maximum representation of the minorities in Lok Sabha and state Assemblies of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The AIMF cadre in other south India states shall also work on the same lines and wherever the AIMF has a candidate, the cadre shall ensure his/ her victory and where there is no candidate, the AIMF cadre shall ensure defeat of communal and fundamental political elements and ensure victory of secular forces.



The All India Minorities Front National executive met in New Delhi today. The meeting was chaired by National President Mr. S. M. Asif.

The executive resolved to support all the 7 Congress candidates in Delhi and Mr. Jaswant Singh in Badmer. The meeting considered the fact that all efforts should be made to avoid split of minority votes in order to give a befitting defeat to communal and fundamentalist forces that are posing a threat to national security and integrity.

The meeting also resolved to continue fielding AIMF candidates in all other such seats where the AIMF has chances of victory throughout the country.

Qari M. M. Mazhari appointed National General Secretary of AIMF

New Delhi15 Feb :Mr. S. M. Asif, National President, All India Minorities Front has appointed Qari M. M. Mazhari as General Secretary of the Party. The appointment is honorary and with immediate effect. Qari Mazhari is a known social activists and fighter for thr rights of the minority communities and is known nationwide for his unending activism for the causes.
“I hope that you shall devote your strength and energies in strengthening the organization throughout the country and ensure victory of party’s programs and policies i n the interests of religious and linguistic minorities among others”, said Mr. Asif in the appointment letter.
AIMF is a registered National Political Party which had elected MPs in earlier years.

Scope for doing more for minorities exists: PM

New Delhi, Jan 3: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today regretted that the government’s initiatives to improve the lot of the minorities could not be communicated to the people while stressing that the scope of doing more exists.

Noting that the UPA government has worked a lot towards implementing the recommendations of Sachar Committee, he said, “I have to say with sadness that this could not reach the people.”

He was responding to a question as to why the benefits of the schemes intended for minorities were not reaching them.

There has been talk that Congress’ grip over minorities has slipped as results of the recently concluded Assembly elections showed their candidates doing badly even in seats where there was good number of minority votes.

At a time when issues like reservation for minorities as well as that of granting SC/ST status to Muslims were pending before courts, Singh said, “This is also true that there are some measures which are yet to be taken up.

“Some issues are pending before courts. Some problems have cropped up due to which certain measures could not be implemented….”

Singh, however, listed measures like scholarships to minority students and special development schemes for them undertaking by the UPA government under the Prime Minister’s new 15-point programme.

“Scholarships for minorities have gone up tremendously, Maulana Azad Fellowship has increased substantially and the programme for multi-disciplinary approaches in 90 minority- concentrated districts of our country have been put in place.

So enough has been done but I would be the last person to say there is no scope for doing more,” the Prime Minister told a press conference here.

In the report card on UPA’s ten years released on the occasion, the government said that it has always accorded high priority to their welfare and pointed out that there has been a “ten-fold increase” in the expenditure on minorities since 2004-05, when UPA came to power.