• People want to change govt in Bihar:Asif

    sm-asif-picNEW DELHI, 02 October, 2020 - People in Bihar now want to change the 15 years old Nitish Kumar government when the state goes to the polls next month, said SM Asif.

    Mr Asif, who is also national president of the All India Minority Front (AIMF) said people of the state are ‘unhappy’ with the government and want a change, while most youth are ‘angry’ with the government, and want an alliance government.

    The AIMF  leader  slammed Madhepura MP Pappu Yadav and Hyderabad MP Owaisi describing them as  “agents of the BJP”, and also took a jibe at Majhi and Kushwaha for another phase of BJP.

    Mr Asif alleged that over the last 15 years development has come to a grinding halt for which Kumar and these leaders are responsible.
    If there is a development in the state why people are migrating to another states, he asked.

    Sounding the poll bugle, AIMF leader  asserted that Bihar Progressive Alliance will form the government in the state in full majority.

  • SC order on Patna Collectorate a big jolt to Nitish govt: Asif

    sm-asif-picNEW DELHI - The All India Minority Front (AIMF) on Saturday said the Supreme Court has given a big jolt to the Nitish government’s “illegal activities” by ruling that status quo in the case related to demolition of centuries old Patna Collectorate complex.

    Ahead of the Assembly elections in Bihar in October-November, the Chief Minister had on Wednesday inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of 29 buildings worth Rs 622.22 crore, including construction of a new structure for Patna Collectorate.

    The party leader SM Asif in a statement said the Nitish government should resign and face the probe in various schemes inaugurated by the chief minister and the prime minister during the last few days.

    Mr Asif said nothing has changed in Bihar in the last 15 years and added the Nitish government failure to take adequate measures in tackling the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic and the annual flood woes.

    The AIMF chief also informed that people who have recently been appointed as Panchayat teachers are very angry over filling the date of joining September 1 for the facility of EPF in Bihar.

    On this, he asked how long the state government has been fooling the innocent people of Bihar.

  • Asif demands white paper on Bihar development

    sm-asif-picNEW DELHI, 17 September, 2020 - The AIMF leader SM Asif has demanded the Nitish Kumar government to come out with a white paper on its various schemes announced during the election session, saying, no development work was done in Bihar from the last 15 years.

    The All India Minority Front (AIMF) chief issued a statement to this effect this evening challenging the Nitish government’s development model, but urged Nitish Kumar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to not lie to the people.

    On Nitish Kumar’s claims that the sufficient development was done in the past 15 years, Asif stated, “The bulb and the road he is talking about is that of before 15 years.”

    Thaali and Taali initiatives will not work. The Bihar development depends on its employment generation and better education, Mr Asif remarked.

    Asif also expressed confidence in the public and predicted that the NDA regime will come to an end in the October 2020 assembly elections and the AIMF with regional and secular parties will put up a decent performance in Bihar.

    “We will fight, win and will proceed,” he stated.

  • Asif questions PM’s new schemes to Bihar

    sm-asif-picNEW DELHI, 15 September 2020 - With the date for announcement of assembly election drawing closer, Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are busy men, inaugurating new development schemes, launching completed ones and making on-the-spot visits to review progress of ongoing flagship schemes at great speed.

    AIMF leader SM Asif, however, said that Nitish Kumar and Modi seemed to be in an unusual hurry. What happened with the schemes Nitish announced at the last Assembly polls,” he stated.

    “If they have really done so much for development, how has so much remained to be done?” Mr  Asif asked.

    “Both PM and CM seem to be in a hurry to get their names inscribed on stones when election announcement is round the corner and Bihar is battling the twin scourge of Covid-19 pandemic and the floods,” he remarked.

    “Besides, they also want to send the message that they are working for development, as the Nitish model is under question and the people know a lot more with their experience,” he added.

  • Asif questions Nitish Kumar’s development claims

    sm-asif-picNEW DELHI, 07 September, 2020- Stepping up his attack on the Bihar government, AIMF National President SM Asif on Monday questioned the claims of development by the Bihar’s chief minister Nitish Kumar at a virtual rally organised by the JD-U.

    The AIMF chief said if it had indeed taken place why were people migrating from the state in search of jobs and alleged that both Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad were equally responsible for the state of affairs in Bihar during the last several years.

    Similarly, he condemned Nitish’s Har Ghar Bijli program saying people in the rural area of the state are fed up with frequent load shedding and this is also a hard reality that electricity consumption per household is one of the lowest in the country.

    He also questioned Nitish’s handling of issues like the management of migrants who returned to the state after the lockdown was imposed as well as the floods which have ravaged several districts of the state.

    Nitish claimed spending Rs 5,300 each on the around 15 lakh people who returned to the state was totally false as many hospitals in the state were still in critical condition, Mr  Asif added.

    The AIMF chief called upon the people of Bihar to choose AIMF for progress and development saying other parties always fought for chair to meet their selfish ends.

  • Asif opposes reopening of metro, eateries, liquor bars

    sm-asif-picNEW DELHI, 04 September, 2020 - The All India Minority Front (AIMF) has asked the government not to open metro, weekly markets, dhaba and liquor bars, saying it would lead to further spread of coronavirus in the country.

    Opening these establishments again was like clearing up a “big way” for the spread of the pathogen in the country, party leader SM Asif alleged in a statement.

    The AIMF chief alleged that reopening of the metro in the national capital will have a “big role” in increasing the spread of the virus.

    It was “inhuman to not worry about those who may be affected by the opening of eateries, liquor bars and be concerned only about the revenue to the government,” he alleged, and said the move to resume metro would lead to further spread of coronavirus here.

    In a report of  75 staffers at Sukhdev, Garam Dharam dhabas in Murthal test positive, Mr Asif stated that these eateries have contributed to the spread of Covid-19 in India’s villages.

  • Asif appoints Dawood Sheriff K as TN president

    dawoodNEW DELHI- Dawood Sheriff K has been appointed as the new president of the Tamil Nadu All India Minority Front (AIMF) on Wednesday.

    According to a statement, the AIMF national president SM Asif has approved the proposal for appointment of the new president for the Tamil Nadu state of AIMF.

    Mr Asif in the statement stated that other important appointments in the Tamil Nadu wing will be announced soon.

  • Ensure early resettlement of Kashmiri Pandits, says Asif

    IMG_4432NEW DELHI, 28 July, 2020 - he All India Minority Front (AIMF) has demanded the government to ensure early rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits amid adequate security in the Valley, from where they were forced to flee by Islamist terrorists in late 1989 and early 1990.

    In a press statement issued on Tuesday, the party chief Mr SM Asif has raised the demand for the return of all Hindus displaced in the valley.

    In the statement Mr Asif has praised the central government’s decision to abrogate Article 370 and 35A whose pernicious impact has destroyed the Kashmiri society, culture, civilization, economic progress and the ability to lead a peaceful life in the Valley.

    The AIMF chief stated, “The AIMF hopes that the expectations of the displaced and refugees will also be met soon. The process of safe and dignified rehabilitation of the displaced Hindus of the Kashmir Valley should be started at the earliest.”

    In the statement, Mr Asif has suggested a single concentrated rehabilitation plan, including employment and other rights, enshrined in the Constitution as well as restoration and rebuilding of temples, shrines and community assets, including crematoriums.

    The AIMF also demanded a massive drive to generate employment and to ensure heavy investment in various sectors of the new union territory’s economy.

  • Asif in ring to oppose new DAVP policy

    sm-asif-picNEW DELHI, 27 July, 2020 - The All India Minority Front (AIMF) has registered its resentment over new advertisement policy by the Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP) saying it is an attack on press freedom.

    Party leader Mr SM Asif warned on Monday that in case the new policy did not withdraw, the AIMF would launch protests across the country against the central government.

    Referring para 12.1 of the new advertisement policy is a black law in the Indian history, Mr Asif  said all small and medium newspapers will close across the country by implementing this policy from August 2020.

    He stated that the Indian print media played a very powerful role in the freedom of India. It not only created opposition and hatred against the British rule but also a strong determination to liberate India from the foreign rule.

    “Now the government wants to shut the fourth pillar of democracy through its new rule which is not  for the healthy functioning of the democratic system of governance the independent India adopted,” he remarked.

    “We will take up the media right issue with the government,” Mr Asif said.

  • Rajasthan Governor should call assembly session: Asif

    IMG_4432NEW DELHI, 25 July, 2020 - All India Minority Front (AIMF) chief SM Asif has asked the Rajasthan Governor Kalraj Mishra to convene the assembly immediately to seek a trust vote and end the political standoff in the state.

    “Delay in convening the House will only serve to provide more time for horse trading. And it would lack any justification whatsoever,” Mr Asif said in a statement.

    “There is no conceivable reason to deny chief minister an early opportunity to show he does enjoy the support of the House. Or to prove him wrong and dismiss his government,” he added.

    “Where is democracy in the country? Horse-trading is being done openly in Rajasthan,” the statement said.

    Sachin Pilot was removed from the posts of the Rajasthan deputy chief minister and the state Congress president amid a tussle for power with chief minister Ashok Gehlot.

    The Congress has 101 MLAs in the 200-member Rajasthan assembly. Team Pilot claims the support of 30 MLAs, but so far, the evidence points to only 19. The BJP has 72. Including smaller parties and independent members, the opposition has 97 at the moment.